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Watch the whole film sometime. - July 5, 2009

It's unfortunate that we don't have a real Howard Beale to represent us on the news. The fact that he is portrayed as going crazy shows that even our most hopeful representatives have to be nuts before they do something about the media problems surrounding us.

"Turn off your Televisions!" and turn on your critical analysis.

Old News Again - May 14, 2009

Watch this preview of the new documentary about Alex Jones and others who work to uncover the truth about the Bilderberg Group and other forces threatening to control the masses.

"A one world government would get rid of the checks and balances of sovereign nations." -Jason Page

Too Long Again - January 25, 2009

Updates: - my latest attempt to remain a filmmaker. - my first attempt to create a company dedicated to autonomous film releasing by providing alternative options for filmmakers in control of their release rights.

The entertainment sky is falling and i'm here to pick up the pieces. Don't forget everyone and their mother is a filmmaker. Distribution models are constantly changing in the current market. The key is to keep thumbs in the production side of the industry. Developing low budget features and maintaining the rights is key. Theatrical is promotion and takes anywhere from $10,000 up to $25,000,000 (or more!). But in the long run, this is how people learn of your film, this creates staying power. These are a few of the simple things i have learned. More depth to come from

Keep On Guard - November 9, 2008

Here lies a worthy battle while we await our new leader to take office. We all desperately need a new means of transportation. The auto industry is now asking for a bailout to keep them afloat.
the electric Commuta Car circa 1980

You may ask, "Why should we bailout an industry that isn't providing a product WE want?"

Great Question!? If we the people bailout another failed industry, what do we get? Let us demand the development of Electric Cars like the Tango. All that developers like Rick and Bryan Woodbury need to kick things off ranges in the millions, not billions. If we force the industries with manufacturing plants to take on the technologies that are available (just look at the Tesla Roadster), we could save the auto industry while saving the Earth.

Take action! Use five minutes to contact GM and tell them what you want. It's easy if you click the "Take Action" link above.

Here's a film that has some relation to this subject as well, . I bet you thought i was going to say, .

A New Era? - November 5, 2008

Now that the left leaning side has won, it's time to activate. Obama said it best, "This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were."

Now is the time to get involved. Now is the time to do something great. Get into the good fight by staying informed. Participate in the issues as they become known. Stay activated and investigate a new movement.

Find out what November 5th means for the next four years. Make the next four to eight years work beyond this election. Do something! The time to stay alert is today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Great Minds Think Alike - October 28, 2008

Check out what the Libertarian VP nominee has to say about the 2-party set-up. He appropriately calls it The Battered Voter Syndrome.

Unpopular Mentality, Like, You're So Not Famous - October 22, 2008

How many times have you heard the mass media discuss open debating? Or maybe TV news could do an in depth investigation on the bailout; where is it? The corporate domination of media outlets must be challenged. Information feeds a healthy Democracy. Without balanced unbiased news reports, Democracy dies.

It is a tired mind that thinks voting for the popular guy will be less of a bad time in the long run. The truth is that linguistically you are correct. Less evil is lesser evil. Although, the debates do not elevate the viewer to become political savants, neither does tuning into CNN or FOX for candidates discussing real issues that matter to their constituents.

Have you seen real issues discussed?

Sure, good political activists pay attention to every outlet of their favorite nominee to find that they, the maverick or the bringer hope and change, are marching towards an office that will be a little less evil or definitely not terrorist. The problem is that the United States has participated in terrorism as terrorists in Guantanamo, Iraq, and many other countries so unfortunately the true description, the full meaning of the word terrorist gets twisted into something convenient for an election.

But what does this mean?

Our leaders lie to us and promote the suppression of information. Did you hear from the mainstream media what took place during both parties national conventions?

This two party system has us backed into a confused corner and the American people are ready to strike like a zealot cobra in hopes to save our livelihoods and retirement plans. The majority of us will throw a hopeful vote towards the guy that is not as evil as the other.

Really America?

Have we sunk to the point now where we completely rely on what a democrat or republican says? After all that they have not done for the working class, the poor, or even the middle class? We sit around the table at family gatherings and squabble over petty differences because the Mass Media has us by the cerebral cortex. We quibble over the fictitious platforms presented by one of the richest, most well to do classes in our society.

The answer is right in front of us and yet we say, "We'll, that guy has no chance. No one knows that he's an option." Really? Is this our answer every four years? The lesser of two evils?

Why not give a third party guy a chance? Men and Women who have done nothing but good things for average Joe. The third parties who speak truth about the situation in America and offer real solutions that make sense, minus Chuck "10 commandments in every courthouse" Baldwin (although sometimes he makes more sense than Obama/McCain). You know who they are (if you followed my links). If you have never heard of them then maybe you have never voted before, that's okay too. Research, educate, investigate, for just ten minutes a day. I know your already consuming information but try consuming trustworthy alternative media sources.

If you enjoy peace and despise the Patriot Act, if you value your children's future and dislike the unbalanced favoritism corporations receive, if you like the idea of retirement and quiver at the idea of relying on wall street and 401ks, test your nominee's stature on the protection of the constitution. Ask specific questions. 

What destroys me are the polls. Americans agree that the country is going in the wrong direction. More than eighty percent of Americans say the country is on the wrong track yet they continue to vote for the Republocrats. Noam Chomsky, professor of Linguistics at MIT says, "The United States has essentially a one-party system and the ruling party is the business party."
Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you've thought this to yourself or heard someone say something like this before. It's the god awful truth. America is pigeonholed as Republicrat whether you like it or not. Voting for a candidate that does not stand for what you desire is insane. You say you want a better healthcare system and the Republicrats do nothing. Why should they when they have a great healthcare plan.  Americans agree that Congress is not doing there job yet two Senators are slated to be the next president.

What gives? What will it take to get America to snap out of it?

But remember, you swing voters out there, vote the lesser of two evils into office. It is after all the lessening of evil. Democrats do have a better social justice record so do your duty and help us work towards universal health care and less corporate favoritism. If you live in liberal central (like LA or NYC) and/or you've been watching the polls in your state swing to Barack Obama, do a brother a favor and give a third party candidate a chance to get a higher percentage. Make a stand for the working class and poor and vote for a voice for the voiceless. I've chosen to continue to support Ralph Nader as i reside in Obama land. Maybe someday, fighters for truth and justice like Ralph will get a chance to debate as he should have this time around. Get involved! 

Great Article - October 13, 2008

Thanks Craig for sending this to me. Please check out what Obama is really saying.

The People Speak - October 12, 2008

Summer Days of Camp - August 11, 2008

After completing a weird side project for CD Baby, i decided to go down to New Mexico to explore a short loop of the US by road. It managed to cost less than flying between the two of us and i realized that the prices fluctuated quite a bit. The cheapest we found was in Albuquerque for $3.80 and the most expensive was the first exit in Utah, no town, just highway robbery at $4.54 a gallon. We refused to get any gas when the delightful angel behind the counter refused to let us use the wet floored bathrooms. The Flying J at the next exit was still high but much less at $4.24.

It was somewhat shocking to see a fair amount of gas stations closed for business or for sale in a closed state. Is it coincidence or a sign of the times? Is gasoline not very profitable at the Mom and Pop level? I wish i knew. Maybe this would be a great short piece of investigative journalism by a non journalist. Shall i investigate?

Old News - June 12, 2008

NCMR 2008 a Massive Success - June 10, 2008

The convention center in Minneapolis was buzzing with excitement and energy while hosting the National Conference for Media Reform. I attended and recorded footage of a handful of panels and workshops like Corporate Media Confidential and Analyzing and Deconstructing the Media hosted by two wonderful ladies from FAIR.

Media Reform is an issue that we all must become widely aware of. We must take our Democracy to heart and protect it like our children. Communication of these issues to your friends, neighbors, and relatives is urgently necessary for the safety and security of Democracy.

Watch theDuct for new videos from the front line.

The Real News - June 1, 2008

Crazyness. - May 23, 2008

Turmoil and change is stalking me and time to focus on gardening and media reform is bearing down on my future free time. Lot's of changes coming to theDuct. Hold tight as major changes and information lines reopen as i transition. Time will tell.

Cinco de Mayo! - May 5, 2008

History has shown us that there has been a long struggle for the poor to escape the grasp of the rich. Mexico managed to send the French a message but it was only a delay of the inevitable siege and take over of Mexico City.

What is strange about Cinco De Mayo is that it is celebrated more here in the United States than it is in Mexico. This is essentially due to the fact that Californians of the 1860s didn't want the French in Mexico. As Californians and other southern states began hearing about Cinco De Mayo and the French battle, the holiday became more widely known. Mexico's true Independence day falls on September 16, dieciséis de septiembre.

Like St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo is and should be officially declared by the United States as the Official day to celebrate the great culture and contribution Mexican Americans have brought to our country.

Let's hope the poor and struggling in Bolivia have better and continued luck.

Check out Wikipedia for more info on Cinco De Mayo

May Day! May Day! - May 1, 2008

Okay class, who can tell me what day it is...? YES! That's right it International Workers' Day, the day when all us working class folk band together and take a day off of work and...oh, wait, i live in the United States.

Check out what the Truckers and Citizens United are doing:

And the Russians.

And the Germans.

And a fair amount of Others.

And, yes, someAmericans

Garden Research Update - April 29, 2008

Rather than try and figure out the best methods myself, i decided to delve deep into research these last couple weeks to find the best info for gardening, especially inner city gardening. The best site that details many gardening approaches across the world is found at and This Canadian organization was orchestrated by the city of Vancouver B.C. and founder Michael Levenston.

In 1978, a bunch of environmentalists working for the Vancouver Energy Conservation Center made it their prerogative to get urban dwellers to utilize gardening at home. In a book called Diary of a Compost Hotline Operator, Levenson wrote, "Such a simple act struck us as revolutionary, especially when we realized there were other environmental and social problems that could be addressed as well. ... Every garden was a surprise, and our interest in all things to do with farming in the city grew.

" ... In 1990, the provincial government began a program urging citizens to cut the amount of waste they send to landfills and suddenly composting was recognized as a useful technology for everyone, not just organic gardeners. The City of Vancouver and the Regional Government asked us to use our teaching garden to promote backyard and worm composting which we were happy to do because making rich soil is the foundation of urban agriculture."

Experiment #13 - April 13, 2008

I've begun research on a gardening project in hopes to create an organic, flourished garden this year. I mentioned that we should all take heed of the impending doom of market and dollar failure but more importantly, we should all take a close, researched look at staying connected with the Earth.

So far, Square Foot Gardening looks like the way to go. It conserves space and utilizes the soil in a more sustainable way with the help of compost and a few friends . Gardening is beneficial, to your future, to learn now rather than while starving and panicked.

Where to begin? Are there other solutions for those of us that don't have the time? Supplies and technology has indefinitely changed our relationship with food and the growing of it. Some tools have taken away nutritional value or completely working to destroy human kind through backwards thinking.

John Barber Has an Idea - April 12, 2008

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! - April 8, 2008

Nothing says, Subscribe to My Beliefs Now!, more than a bank or stock trader harping on the dire need to invest or trust in the paper or commodity trade. What is more important in everyday life, Food or Gold? If the system actually fell apart and money lost it's value, would we still not need food? Getting food and growing food, providing clean drinking water, and warm shelter come to mind first as most inherently necessary.

What do Jerks like Richard Russell of Dow Street Letters know about gardening in a sustainable self-sufficient way? I'm not one to talk since i'm just learning of such things like composting and Sustainable Soil Management. The important adage i keep telling myself is Money doesn't grow on trees, adding BUT food does reminds me that it's time to turn to small farming. It's time to think about Sqaure Foot Gardening and maybe play down the need to Invest in gold.

The REAL Bank Robbers Stand Up - April 6, 2008

Paying close attention to the Truth about the world, i stumbled upon an article that confirms my sneaking suspicion. The Banks are in fact the true thieves. The Kipp Report, who i've never heard of, reveals the obvious about the sneaky, underhanded manner the private banking system takes advantage of us all. Hidden fees, double withdrawals, and seedy sales people are all part of the problem. My question is, Who's watching? I've just begun researching this subject. If you know anything, please drop me a line. jcbugbee (at) theduct (dot) org

Election Truths - April 3, 2008

Yay! Administration Truths - April 2, 2008

Meetin' the 'Rents - March 26, 2008

I'm out and about on a mini vacation meeting my girlfriends parents and grandparents so i won't be able to update as much as i want to. i also did not bring my external hard drive so i cannot edit any more of the Who Controls the Media or Nader footage. I'll be working on keeping interesting post going as long i find Net so hold tight.

571mul470r i.e Stimulator - March 24, 2008

Parental Advisory rated pg13 for language is awesome! Great news without holding back the punches.
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