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tHE dUCT 2 A: a pipe, tube, or channel that conveys a substance. A vessel that carries important information and interesting concepts. tHE dUCT is a conduit for inspiration, an aqueduct for Truth and Justice.

Free the Press

Economic Hitmen

True Journalism


There's a plethora of info that i'm working to update, constantly.

Most of us; Living a lie. Acting like a Schmuck. Smothering the living Earth. Taking it out on the kids. Pumping poisons into the atmosphere. Killing animals. Destroying the ecosystem. Ignoring homeless people? Forgeting to recycle. Taking pills to cover rather than heal. Eating genetically modified foods. Ignoring facts. Getting drunk. Watching commercials for entertainment. Selling out. Subscribe. Sign up. Sign out.
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Like a Fly on the Wall, a Spy in the Duct, a Camera in a Wall, or a Ninja lying in Ambush. I spy with my little eye.